Weird Japanese Things – 11 Weird Stuff Which Exist in Japan

That the Japanese are different from us is well known, but sometimes this difference becomes just weird. Here is some weird Japanese things.

In Japanese schools you will not find the janitors.  Instead, schools teach students cleaning up after themselves. Every day students clean classes and bathroom. It teaches pupils respect and responsibility.

Japanese also modify their bodies. Again, it sounds pretty usual. Earrings, for example, are a body modification and pretty usual. But have you ever heard of a head bagel? This is a modification at your forehead that looks like a big bagel right above your eyes. They also put balls under their skin on their arms. While the bagelhead itself was invented in Canada, it became very popular in Japan. Their they have bagelhead parties showing the bulges at their foreheads. The bulge comes from injecting a salient in the forehead. The effect is usually gone at the next morning.

head bagel

Just look at the poop museum, for instance. This museum is in Tokyo, and it is all about poop. They have hats that look like poop, all kind of things looking like poop, and even a giant toilet. You can use a big slide into this toilet. There is even a mascot dressed up as poop. They also offer you clay to create your own poop as a souvenir.

poop museum
toru yamanaka/afp/getty images

The next things are vending machines. Weird Japanese Things Man!. Now you might say, vending machines are pretty ordinary. Yes, you are right but not these. These ones offer lettuce, rice, beer, batteries, and pornography. You can even buy used women`s underwear.

japanese vending machines

You also know already, that Japanese always take their shoes off when they enter their home. They emphasize hygiene. A toilet is on the other side is pretty unhygienic, so Japanese use special slippers just for the toilet and the surrounding area.


If this is not creepy enough, keep in mind that Japan is one of the leading countries on robot technology. They create robots looking and behaving very similar to people. In Japan you will find first hotel operated by robots. The reception welcomes us with female android. Soon people will be on the pavement, and the robots take over all the work.

Leaving the poop and the toilet behind, we can come to the food. Japan also has some rather unusual food to offer. Here you can find some ice cream you would never think of. They have flavors like crab, eel, curry, pork, chicken and more. You can even get it tasting like beer. This is one of these weird japanese things but this is cool IMO.

Hadaka Matsuri is a festival nudity where come thousands of Japanese who get rid of clothes. They believe in the ancient belief according to which a naked man has a better chance to have a happiness throughout the whole year.

Another weird japanese things. Not enough about look? Ok, check ganguro. This is a very popular style for the girls. It begins with a strong tan and thick make up with black and white around the eyes and mouth. To this comes blond dyed hair and bright skin colors. It looks pretty creepy for us, but beautiful for Japanese. Some people describe it as a form of rebellion against the traditional culture.

There are also quite strange restaurants. You know the food in the can, right? You use it as you don’t have time to go to the store. In Japan there is a restaurant called Mr. Kanso, which serve only canned food. There is no menu but only long shelf on which there are cans. You choose which you want and then the service opens and prepares it for you.

A plot

Recently there is a a lot of talking about the restaurant where 2 girls are sitting on the worktop in skirts and waiting for customers. You come to the restaurant, you choose food from the menu and pay. Being in this restaurant is a pure pleasure. Unfortunately, there is no such restaurant. It was just staging to film for adults. It is strange.


Weird Japanese Things – 11 Weird Stuff Which Exist in Japan
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