Time to Check the Brakes – Signs for Brake Care

It is arguable that the most important system in your car is the braking system. This is the system that you depend on most to get yourself out of trouble. Although a lot of other drivers will say that one should also use the steering wheel in order to avoid a collision, the regular driver will always resort to the brake when wanting to avoid a collision.

Things to Do to Ensure Road Safety

Automobile makers have taken note of this, and in order to make the cars safer, they have improved on the braking system and added several other parts that would make the brake function more efficiently. We do have to remember the basics of mechanics at this point though. The more the moving parts in a machine, the greater the probability of failure. No, don’t get it wrong. This just means that although the braking systems in cars now function better than ever, they also need a lot of care to make sure that they function properly.

Aside from adding more components to the brake, manufacturers have also added a system to detect if something is wrong. On the dashboard of your car, you may see a red light that you may interpret as a can of fuel. No, that is not the indicator for you to gas up. It’s the light that tells you one of two things. Either a) you need to add break fluid, or b) you need to change your break pads. Either will still have you running to your local mechanic because the lack of break fluid may indicate a hole in the system. As for the break pads, leave the replacement of that to the professionals. Don’t mess around with that on your own.

If something goes wrong that is not detected by the alarm system of your car, nature has provided its own way of letting you know something is wrong. Some call it the squeaker, but I prefer the screamer. This happens when there is not enough lubrication between the break lining and one metal piece starts to grind against another piece. This alarm is extremely effective, as it alarms both you and your neighbors.

Best thing to do, have your brakes checked regularly. It might be expensive, but no price can be placed on the peace of mind that you have when you know your brakes are working just fine.

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