Spending on Girls

A typical life for any guy is to have job, a girl, and schedule for activities for him and his partner. Of course in typical setting the lady would have a job. If the man is a system analyst which is a high paying job which is proven by the fact that they earn 6 figures for every project he makes, then there’s definitely a lot of money he can throw in for his girl.

Spending on Girls

Now assuming the girl works in an office as a secretary, she can spend for herself but on those special moments with the man? It’s probably going to be the man’s treat. Depending on what kind of activities the couple would on a weekend and they can be seen hanging around malls and eating in restaurants or shopping.

What about in a couple where the man works as a mechanic and the woman works as cashier in a grocery story? These two will have a lot of sacrifices to get themselves into a special date in a special location. Let’s take in California for example, a grocery cashier earn an average of $9 an hour. Is that big or small?

Probably enough for her, depending on her lifestyle anyway the concern here is the guy getting his girl on a date. Since auto mechanics are not paid by the hour but on a flat rate basis, this is good and bad. As long as they get the job done, they are guaranteed to be paid and bad because whatever the deal is that’s what you are going to get paid. So your chance of making big is get more jobs done.

On average, automotive mechanics earn $25000 to $75000 a year, depending on the experience level, and how many jobs they can finish. So for a mechanic, if he wants to get his girl on an special date, he’d better be ready to sweat a lot to earn extra cash for the weekend.

If the couple works in the same office even with slightly different jobs, these are the ones with the best chance of getting a date. Only in this case, it’s all in the guy’s tab. The choice of activity is a big factor as to how much should the guy spends on his girl on a date. They can opt for a simple romantic walk in the park to a front seat in the theaters to dinner at an extravagant restaurant. It’s all down the choice of the couple.

Any smart couple should know how to budget especially the guy. Any finding himself unable to pay the bill at a restaurant and still having the girl to pay for the rest can be considered embarrassing for a man with pride. And the man might question himself later about what went wrong. How come he did not see that coming? So for any man who wishes to take his girl on a date, it is best to budget and put in some extra allowance.

Spending on Girls
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