A Sedentary Lifestyle can Harm your Health

Thanks to the advancement in technology, today we live in more comfortable levels having great control on our everyday tasks. Nowadays life is easy. For example, with the advent of video-conferencing you need not go far to attend office meetings, with a remote control you can change your television channel sitting on your couch or you can access a dearth of information by surfing the web on your computer without walking to the nearest library.

A Sedentary Lifestyle can Harm your Health

Modern lifestyle has brought much rest and convenience to us – to our body that is designed to stay active but is forced to lead a sedentary life by us which in reality hits our health hard!

No doubt you rush to your job each morning – a job that is mostly devoid of any physical activity. You are seated most of the time, even in your leisure hours. Your everyday chores or the walking around are not just enough to provide the muscular activity to leave your body strong and healthy. Lack of activity, muscle building weakens and shrinks your muscles.

Your immunity is interconnected to your muscular system and no physical activity means a weak immunity system. A strong immunity system fights off infection while protecting your body from illness to keep you healthy.

Your muscles are the store-house for proteins which produce the killer cells, anti-bodies and white blood cells – all of which help to detect and destroy lethal cancer cells. So take care of your muscles – keep them toned and strong at all times. Try to include some intentional exercises in your lifestyle to stay healthy down the road of life!

The World Health Organization has estimated that about 60-65% of the world’s population leads a sedentary lifestyle which is reason enough to ring an alarm of health concern. Include a strength training programme at least 2-3 times a week regardless of your age. This way you can stay healthy and ward off many killer diseases and as a bonus you will gain an increase in energy, reduced stress levels, quality sleep, strong bones and a youthful appearance too!

Take some practical steps to include activity in your life. Do not be tied to your phone or the computer. Get up and walk around. Consider walking to improve your health. Walking will help you both physically and mentally. It does not require any special equipment and can be done in any weather, anywhere. By walking, you can gain benefits like reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Requiring no personal trainer and any gym membership, all you need for walking is your will to walk and a good pair of tennis shoes. Moreover getting out for walking will boost your mood and you can soak in the fresh air and sunshine outside. Walking is the best way to reduce anxiety and depression. Try it!

If possible add some stair climbing to your daily routine-it requires no skills or training. It is a great way to get into shape, strengthen and tone your leg muscles and it improves your cardiovascular functions too.

Stay active and away from a sedentary lifestyle to battle away all your health problems!

A Sedentary Lifestyle can Harm your Health
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