Scare Up Some Christmas Fun in a Haunted Castle

Not everyone can get away with ditching their family for the holidays, but if you can, then how about spending Christmas partying in a castle?

Scare Up Some Christmas Fun in a Haunted Castle

Haggis Adventures offers budget tours of Scotland year round, but if you go at Christmas you’ll get some extra special treats, including spending Christmas Eve and Christmas night in a haunted Highland castle surrounded by what I’m sure is a very creepy, but lovely, forest.

Haggis claims this experience is world famous, and who am I to doubt them? If you’re interested, check out their site, or talk to your local Travel CUTS student travel expert. They can hook you up with a student airfare and help you find great hostels if you want to add on a few nights in London or Cardiff. (I hear they have aliens there.)

If you go, tell me all about it. I’ll be home with the family, listening once again to the story of how Grandma once won a Sexy Legs contest during the War and took home a whole bag of groceries as her prize.

Scare Up Some Christmas Fun in a Haunted Castle
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