Photography Surrealistic Style

Surrealism is an art form which puts a stress on the subconscious as opposed to the conscious. The image that is finally achieved is something which makes full use of different effects. It can mean a melding of different images into one. All you need is software like Photoshop.

Photography Surrealistic Style

The surrealism could be based on a dream which could be achieved by collecting a series of images that could be recalled from the dream and then putting them together or combining them. Remember this is an art form, it may disturb the viewer but it is compelling at the same time.

One way to achieve surrealism is through exposure of one frame of negative to several images. This technique is one of the most difficult for it takes a professional to be able to achieve a clear picture rather than just a bunch of images that had been superimposed on one another.

Now even if this surrealism is a different way of imagery, more and more people like this form even for their wedding pictures. They like one photograph which contains one thought but is a series all at the same time. Imagine how one picture can depict the wedding vows, exchange of rings, eating of the cake and the release of doves all in one. A lot of couples like this kind of style of photography, disturbing as it may be for others.

So if you are a professional photographer, offer surrealism as an option for photography styles. If people know what options they have then they would know whether they like the style or not. Surrealism can affect people in so many ways, some simply love the art, some are uncomfortable with it, and some simply hate it. But that is what art is, the more reaction to the image, the more successful the photographer was.

Photography Surrealistic Style
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