Magic Trick Gone Wrong – 5 Magic Tricks Which Went Horribly Wrong

What is the worst thing in the world? When magic trick gone wrong. Right from the very beginning when you witnessed your first magic show. Yu were mesmerised by all the tricks and some of us even decided that we would be donning the magician robes as soon as we grew up! Little did we know that in magic. The line between dangerous and wondrous is often blurred to the point that many magicians even had to face death. While performing the most iconic magic tricks under certain circumstances.

Are you ready to know about the magic tricks which fatally injured or brought death to the magicians? Let’s go ahead!

The Milk Can Disaster


Houdini, the famous magician left everyone when he performed the milk can magic trick. Well, the gist of the trick is that the magician has to get into an oversized milk can which had been filled to the brim with water. The magician is supposed to get his hands on a hatch while still strapped. So that all the locks would come undone and the magician could escape. Disaster occurred when a magician named Genesta tried his hand at this trick, not having realised that the hatch was faulty. Since the keys had been distributed amongst the audience. It took a long time to get them back but by that time, the magician was long dead. Magic trick gone wrong.

The Speeding Car Horror


The magician Charles Rowan had insisted on being put into a straitjacket on a road with a speeding car approaching towards him. He claimed that he could get out of the contraption before the speeding car came near him… all for the sake of magic. However, his plans didn’t work out eventually and Rowan ended up losing his leg and his life, shortly afterwards.

The Saviour Audience Member

The Saviour Audience Member

George Lanonde, an acclaimed magician was going to saw his assistant in half. As a part of a magic trick but Henry Howard, an audience member thought that it wasn’t an illusion but was happening in reality and promptly grabbed hold of a sword and plunged it into the magician’s neck. Thankfully, Lanonde survived while Howard justified his action as heroism.

The Coffin Drama

The Coffin Drama

Here we again have a magician trying one of Houdini’s tricks and failing miserably. Joseph Burrus asked his team to bury him alive in a glass coffin with a mixture of cement and dirt being poured on top. However, when his team checked up on him a while later. They faced with the squashed and mangled body of Burrus covered with dirt. Not a pretty sight, we imagine! Magic trick gone wrong again.

The Bullet catching Business


The fame of the magician William Ellsworth Robinson depended on the exotic Asian vibes which he gave to his audience. However, once he performed a magic trick where rifles were supposed to be fired in his direction. People used real ammunition. Rather than using fake bullets. Magician called for help in English thereby laying bare all his falsity.

Magic Trick Gone Wrong

Scared, aren’t you? We wouldn’t blame you if you would want to stay away from magic in the coming days!

Magic Trick Gone Wrong – 5 Magic Tricks Which Went Horribly Wrong
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