Latest Technology Helps You Buy Tickets to Halloween Ball

Do you have an iPhone?  Congratulations!

Latest Technology Helps You Buy Tickets to Halloween Ball

You can download the free app for Haunted Happenings from the iTunes store, and then get right on there to buy your tickets for our Halloween Ball.  Just click on EVENTS.

Once you do that, you only need to bring your iPhone with you to the Ball instead of having to remember to carry tickets with you.

Need the facts again?  Here they are:

Tickets are $90 per person.  Three floors of entertainment, food, fun.  Complimentary photos.  Souvenir limited-edition tee-shirt as you leave.  $1,700 in cash prizes for the winners of the costume contest.  Three categories this year.  Best individual, best group, and best “them of the ball” winner, with first, second and third in each category.

Hawthorne Hotel is listed as the Best Halloween Event on the list of the 10 Best Places to Celebrate Halloween, and our Ball is listed as the “What to do” event of the season.

It is called “Bedlam Behind Bars” and that is our theme — creepy prisons, real and fictitious will set the scene for you.

Allow lots of time to get here.  Traffic is mad-crazy, beyond what you can imagine.  Take the T is our advice.  Drive to Lynn or Beverly, and take the T in from there.  A short 10-minute ride and you will be 3 blocks from the Hotel.  You will congratulate yourself on your astute planning as you walk by the gridlocked traffic.

No weapons or weapon-like parts to your costume.  Remember, you are going to JAIL!!!

I hope to see you here.

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