Extreme Bodybuilders Pictures – 5 People that took Bodybuilding to the extreme

Here you will find extreme bodybuilders pictures. People like us who like to eat each of their meals like it was the last one they would ever have might not believe that being a fitness freak can be a profession too. Body building gives you the macho look everyone desires and your overall health and fitness levels are on an all time high. But as with everything, if you don’t exercise caution you might end up like some of the people who made the mistake of taking body building to the extreme and suffering because of it.

Want to know what mistakes the famous body builders did? Read on!

Mwoustafa Ismail


Moustafa is an Egyptian body builder who currently holds the Guinness book of World Records for the largest biceps of 31”. Basically, the size of his biceps is almost equal to the size of the waist of an ordinary person. Though he claims that his extraordinary muscles are as a result of a tough workout regimen and natural genes and not steroids, his entire body does look a tad bit disproportionate in comparison to his huge biceps!

Greg Valentino


Did you ever look at a muscular man and thought that how is it that his muscles don’t explode when he clenches them? Gregg Valentino was the man who had to experience the rather painful experience of watching his biceps explode after he infected them with a dirty needle. He wasn’t liked much in the body building world anyways because of the rumours of him using synthetic oil, steroids and drugs.

Markus Ruhl


Ruhl had been famous for possessing the greatest shoulders in all of the body building business. However, he was disqualified in the Mr. Olympia contest of 1999 when he tested positive for taking diuretics for rejecting water from his body so that the veins and muscles would be more prominent. The lengths people go through for success!

Do you want more extreme bodybuilders pictures?

Sally McNeil


Being one of the few women to actually have entered and endured in the body building world might have been a great honour for Sally. But everything went to hell soon enough when she beat up numerous people and even shot her husband. Fellow body builder named Ray, having experienced ‘roid rage’ ( a condition triggered by multiple injections of testosterone and steroids) She’s in jail now so you don’t have to feel unsafe while walking in the streets yet…

Andreas Munzer


Munzer was so obsessed with his training and his workouts that he never for once deviated from his strict diet. However, he continued using drugs and diuretics and had to be admitted to a hospital in 1996 with intense stomach pain. The doctors discovered that his organs had already shut down and he died a little while later.

Now that you know that body building can be a great way of boosting up your health. You saw extreme bodybuilders pictures. Bodybuilding can boost also your spirit. Just make sure you don’t take it to the extremes like these people did!


Extreme Bodybuilders Pictures – 5 People that took Bodybuilding to the extreme
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