Earning Potential & Indian Scenario

India is a big country, where there are employment problems having the deep rooted age old population explosion effect, which even after population control programs has not been put under control. Literacy rate in some states is very poor so is the job availability in the home states.

Earning Potential & Indian Scenario

Many people are compelled to migrate too far of states as migratory labor during the seasonal agricultural activity or they work in the construction projects, small and big industries during the off season period. They have to work hard and manage to live under poor living conditions to save some money, when they go back to their home state.

Selection of Profession:

The present period has seen development of some professions. One is required to undergo basic education of the profession followed by brief training. One starts working by getting entry level job and grow in the career chosen. Like.

Nursing is a very fast growing career in line with the acceptance and respect enjoyed by the profession all over the world. The foundation of the nursing professions is laid down by a very pious lady by the revered Florence Nightingale. Her devotion in caring for the sick and laid down principles and ethics are taught in nursing schools and practiced by all the members of this Noble profession. Incidentally the Nursing comprises biggest group of healthcare workforce among all other team members comprising healthcare services. Majority of the nurses are women displaying their kind heart effect to the patients, who look for comprehensive caring by them.

Nurses are assigned duties, which almost covers the entire health care functions and depend upon individual education qualifications and experience. The entry level nurses begin with the bed care of the patient, the responsibilities increase depending on the experience and number of year’s service. The senior nurses are involved in taking care of patients admitted in intensive care centers besides pediatric care and psychiatric care.  The senior nurses also look after administration of drugs as advised by the treating doctor.

The Nurses work in Hospital Environment, private nursing homes creating services based on their specializations of the doctors working there. The Nursing Staff works round the clock in 2 day shifts and one night shift each of 8 hours duration.

The Salary Package:

A registered Nurse draws the average salary of Rs.78000 (US $1660) to Rs.247000 (US $ 5255) on annual basis. Some private establishments give bonus and other benefits. The actual salary, what a nurse gets varies according to the location and cost of living, which varies from town to town and state to state.

With such a salary structure it is very easy to live a comfortable life and pay for the family expense. Usually both the husband and wife are working in almost same or similar field.

Earning Potential & Indian Scenario
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