Comparative Earning – Boy & Girl in Big Town of India

Now a day it is easy for young person located in a metropolitan town like Bangalore with the necessary qualifications and experience to get a prime job of software engineer in an IT related company. The software engineers are in great demand with fast expanding telecommunication companies.

Girl in Big Town of India

Job is good and money is great around $1000 per month to lead a high life style with free luxurious living accommodation and perks.

Such a person is well placed to come across a charming girl to be a true friend and a soul mate. Unfortunately there are highly talented and beautiful girls, who lack in education because of family drawbacks and they are compelled to work in restaurants.

Working Environment for Girls in Restaurants:

In the restaurants they handle the reception and cash counters or there are certain restaurants having self service environment and automated systems in place for making and serving their patented snacks. The cooking of snacks is taken care by installed plant and equipments, with regulated temperature heating timer devices, to shut down after the set temperature and time has reached. Now the snacks are cooked, which are removed with a steel tongs, put on a napkin on the table and dressed with vegetable and cream dressings to be delivered to the customer on a disposable plate and fork & knife.

The working is hard and salary is poor less than $100 per month. A restaurant is frequented by persons with good salaries as a regular place for taking snacks or getting tea or coffee for whiling away time for relaxation. They also have an eye on good looking girls working in the restaurants. An engineer is usually a well mannered and well behaved person and finds better chances in attracting the good looking girl to wards them.

Search for Soulmate & thereafter:

Now starts after office hour dating, the girl and boy go to places of entertainment and are on the path of acquainting each other, which looks glorious to both of them. Occasionally they dance and dine together for few years, boy spending on the girl around $300 per month and girl bringing gifts for the boy on certain occasions costing around $10 to $20.

The restaurant girl and the office working engineer boy, they are friends now trusting each other and live few evening moments together. Now is the ripe time for making a proposal by the boy and most probably accepting by the boy. The drama starts, when they tell their parents about their proposal. One of the two gets opposition by the parents causing discontinuation of their sweet meetings.

Around 50% of such boy and girl friends become life partners and the other 50% feel dissatisfied and are compelled to lead a life not accepted to them. They feel the sting of their mismatch relations in life.

Comparative Earning – Boy & Girl in Big Town of India
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