8 Weird Jobs For Students

Students need to study, but students also need money. Not only do they have to cover their tuition fees but also their living costs. Others maybe just want to have some extra money to buy something. Be it as it may, students have jobs. Let`s look at some of the weirder ones.

1: Count bones

Count bones

In our first example, you need a hardened stomach. The student here has to count bones. In this job, you have to be able to see shattered bodies and mutilated limbs. You do not just count the bones but clean them from blood and flesh and prepare them for transportation to hospitals or universities.

2: Professional scarecrow

Professional scarecrow

In the next example, the work is unusual but less scary. Here you do not get scared, but you have to scare them. They are the birds on the farm, and the job is a professional scarecrow. With this work, you can make $15 an hour. The problem with a traditional scarecrow is that it doesn`t move. Giving the job to a student means that there is someone who can wave the arms and yell the birds away. The good point is that unlike the traditional scarecrow you do not wear these old types of clothes.

3: Art model

Art model

Another example you might know already from various movies and sitcoms: art model. Art students have to learn to draw the body. In order to do so, they need to see a body. There you can step in and provide your body as a model, naked of course. If you are not shy, that can bring you some money.


4: Drinking mystery shopper


Did you here of mystery shopping, getting paid to go shopping and testing shops? Yes? OK, but did you hear of beer auditing? Sadly, this job is not about drinking beer right away. All you need to do is to go and buy the beer. The idea is to test if the sellers comply to the state laws that regulate the selling of beer to the young generation. After the test, you have to write a detailed report. You get paid for this, and you get to keep the beer.

5: Wrecked car washer

Wrecked car washer

Next job on our list: Wrecked car washer . Wrecked cars still get auctioned, and as everybody knows, a clean car brings more money. There you step in.


6: Worm watcher

Worm watcher

Next job on our list: Worm watcher is one more possibility. There are projects out there at universities that requires the help of students as worm watcher. The projects are about biodiversity and life in the ground.

7: Movie premier monitor

Movie premier monitor

Who does not like such weird engagements, can also become a movie premier monitor. You have to go to the premiers of movies and count the number of peoples. Also you need to write a list of the previews shown.


8: YouTuber


And sometimes, yeah sometimes, luck strikes. You can be one of the very few being discovered but not for a talent show or something but for a real life position, like the example of a 21 years old law student who become over night the operating manager of a company. One of her lecturer created a company in a partnership and trusted her and her abilities.

If you are a student, and the normal jobs are not available, just try these examples. Good luck!

8 Weird Jobs For Students
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