7 Unusual Restaurants

Do you like to eat out, to go to a restaurant. Me too, but many restaurants are boring. Here come a few choices of unusual restaurants that might interest you. These restaurants all have one thing in common, they are not like the others.

1: eat naked

restaurant in Manhattan

Let`s start with a restaurant where you actually can eat naked. This restaurant is in Manhattan. It started as a monthly event and become a regular theme. You can go there and eat with your clothes on or off, up to you. You can come and see.

2: Dans Le Noir

Dans Le Noir
Dans Le Noir

In the next restaurant you cannot see. Really, you cannot see anything. The name is Dans Le Noir. This is French and means translated: in the dark. The name sets the theme. In this restaurant, you eat either blindfolded or in a special room that is pitch black. The idea is that your sense of taste is heightened if your ability to see is taken away. This restaurant you can find in London.

3: Dicks Last Resort


Do you want to know more unusual restaurants? If nakedness or darkness is nothing for you, try out Dick`s Last Resort. Dining in this restaurant, the waiters will insult you, ridicule you, and call you names. The staff also puts hats on you with insulting messages. You are not allowed to remove the hat during eating.

4: Nijna New York

Nijna New York

Back in New York, you can go to a very Japanese like place. It is called Ninja New York. It looks like a Japanese castle. Once you arrive there, you will be led to your table through a secret tunnel in which Ninjas are lurking behind every corner. Your table is in a dungeon like chamber. While you eat, Ninja will perform stunts. The staff is also dressed very Ninja like.

5: Devil Island Prison

 Devil Island Prison

Going to China, you can eat in the Devil Island Prison, a restaurant situated on Devil Island. Being a former prison for political detainees, it is now a restaurant showing a prison theme. The tables are in small prison cells and the waiters are dressed like wards. You are led to your tables in shackles and handcuffs.

6: Modern Toilet

Modern Toilet

Still not unusual enough? OK, let`s eat in a toilet. The restaurant is located in Taiwan, and its name is “The Modern Toilet”. It is a chain with 12 restaurants all over Taiwan. The seats in these restaurants are toilet seats. The table rest on giant sinks and have glass tops. Meals are served in small toilet bowls and drinks come in small urinals. This is one of the best of these unusual restaurants.

7: Cannibalistic Restaurant

Cannibalistic Restaurant
Cannibalistic Restaurant

The most unusual choice comes now, the “Cannibalistic Restaurant”. This restaurant is in Japan. The food is sushi that is served on naked woman`s body, but the woman is not real. The body is made of food. The waiters make you cut the body, which can bleed. The intestines are made of food too. You can eat every part of it.

Being myself an experienced restaurant guest. I like to see new places and new ideas. But from this list, there is nothing for me. But maybe you are looking for the special extra, the special atmosphere. Make your choice and enjoy.

7 Unusual Restaurants
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