3 Tips on Hiring a Wedding Videographer or Photographer

I want a wedding Photographer and videographer but who do I choose?

As with most elements that go into planning a wedding, hiring a wedding videographer and photographer for your wedding is a big deal especially because this element of the wedding planning process will have such a big impact on your memories that you will keep and cherish of the wedding.

3 Tips on Hiring a Wedding Videographer or Photographer

So choosing the team that will be responsible for this important element is a big deal. So how do you make sure you choose the right people? Here are some tips that I have found:

1/ Don’t necessarily go for the people that advertise the most, this is the easy option. If you see a certain business all over the tv and in magazines and advertisements all over the web then it may mean a couple things; they may be a big business or franchise that is always looking for more work and hiring less experienced and knowledgeable people in order to keep up with the work they’re getting. Or, if they are not a big business it means they are quiet and need work. I would suggest asking friends that have been married who they had and what they were like, word of mouth and recommendations from friends is a much better indicator of someone who will provide a great service.

2/ Don’t be skimpy on price, this is a product that you will keep forever and want to look back on years down the track. You don’t want to be regretting paying for someone cheap if you don’t like the end result. I know you may be going over budget already but this is definitely something you don’t want to be stingy with. You may be able to find someone who can put together a discounted wedding videography and photography package when you order the 2 services off them.

3/ Meet with your potential providers and see what they’re like. You will often find their personalities will be reflected in their work. If they are very dramatic in nature then you will find that they are likely to create very cinematic wedding videos.

All the best in your hunt for your wedding videographer and/or photographer!

3 Tips on Hiring a Wedding Videographer or Photographer
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